We believe the elementary and core fact that everyone knows we need nutrients to support healthy living is crucial to life itself. Certain nutrients are so key that so many doctors from every medical industry now believes that there are selective nutrients that’s now classified as key, vital and essential to everyday living. We believe that Dr. Wallach (BS, DVM, ND) a Pathologist, Noble Peace Prize Runner-Up, Agricultural Expert and Bio Medical Research Pioneer has discovered the 90 Essential Nutrients that was a key denominator in many autopsies of animals and humans.

From one pioneer of health to another in marketing, we believe that the CEO of the Markethive Inbound Marketing social network share similar background traits. Both guys are very well respected and documented with a track record of not only breaking grounds in being the first in discoveries but also having the a huge entrepreneurial mindset and heart to help everyone.  This guy Mr. Thomas Prendergast is not just another guy from “Super Computer Center” (Silicone Valley) with tons of talent. As a guy who’s always ahead of his time known as the “Godfather of Automated Marketing, he also built the first social network back in the mid 90’s. Online marketing tools such as PDF duplicators, self replicated websites, sequential auto-responder email platform (the list goes on), he invented those too. With over a 150 million users of his previous network, now he has created the first social inbound marketing network to help the small guy reach millions of viewers with a single blog post.

We believe that combing the discoveries of the “90 Essential Nutrients” with the technology of MarketHive will create healthy and wealthy people all over the world.

Welcome to 90Hive and you’re welcome to join us or at least get more info by clicking the blue “Let’s Get Started” button below.

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