Your body nutritional base is the foundation of your health. What makes a strong and healthy foundation are the basic essential elements. You wouldn't’t want to live in a Penthouse suite if the structure below it are missing the supporting beams below, now would you? There are essential elements to everything from education to relationships, and your health is no exception. The essential elements in the health and wellness industry are better known as the "Essential Nutrients".  No matter what type of medical doctor that practice medicine, they all believe that essential nutrients exist.  

I was recently asked by a representative of an icon health food store to present some information at a local holistic health fair. I told them that bringing my products would be unfair to the other vendors because I already know my products are the most science based and clinically verified medical nutrition around. Understand there's a difference between clinically verifying a nutrient ability to a particular product ability. Just know that some of the products that I have access to comes with both verifications and a quality control process that's second to none(your doctor included).  What people need to understand is that before you start throwing nutrients such as Glucosamine, Saw Palmetto, Turmeric, Ginkgo Biloba, Coenzyme Q10, Creatine, Beta-carotene (and so many others) at certain health situations, you need to make sure that your body foundation is stabilized with life's essential nutrients. When your body has all of the essential nutrients in the appropriate amounts, you may be totally surprised how you may feel.

At this holistic health fair I had the opportunity to speak with people from all walks of life and occupations. I met teachers, veterinarians, Homecare workers, athletes, nurses, law enforcement, truck drivers, pastors and yes only one medical doctor. I actually was surprised to see a medical doctor there because nutrition is not their wheelhouse. I only knew that he was a MD because he politely joined in a conversation that I was having with a female nurse about prenatal vitamins. He joined our conversation when I asked the question of "why has the amount of prescribed nutrients in a prenatal vitamin has almost doubled in the past 30 years".  The doctor stepped right in and said because over the years more and more research has become available showing that these new nutrient discoveries show the importance to the essential health and development of the embryo. There were prenatal vitamins years ago that may have ranged from 23 nutrients or so up to now 35-40 nutrients and maybe a little bit more. He said the nutritional information in the medical field is always evolving for the better. My response to him was that his definition of "Essential" sounded good a was about 50% incomplete. I asked him that if he knew the "Reason Why" essential nutrients are essential. In other words why are the essential nutrients so essential to the health and development of the embryo or to human life for that matter.

My next 2 question to this doctor were very simple. Why is that we can find more essential nutrients in a healthy quality dog food than in our prenatal vitamins for human life? Why did it take so long (2005) before the medical doctors were legally allowed to advise their patients to take a good multivitamin? He had no answer other than he quickly cited some new research that talks about selenium and how it's essential to all life from some research that he just came across. I told him that I first heard of the phrase "essential nutrients" when I worked at a hospital back in 1981. About 19 years later I found myself giving my 12 yr old son a multi-vitamin that had 75 nutrients (many of them considered essential) to help him battle a life or death health situation.  After his pediatrician and us watched his health rebound over the next 6 weeks, all we could say was "God is so Good – WoW". Three months later after several more doctor visits he was declared completely healthy. 3 years later when he was 16 he was declared completely free of his life long medical condition that plagued him for the first 12 years of his life. His pediatrician wanted to know what did we do during those 30 days of not knowing which way his health would turn. I said other than praying with a whole bunch of people we did some research. Our  researched led us to giving him a really good multi-vitamin that had a whole bunch of essential nutrients.

Don't wait until your health turns bad, do your research now. My research now has me from taken me from the belief of 75 nutrients to the 90 Essential nutrients. If you firmly believe that eating the right foods and taking a aspirin for this and some vitamin C or B tablets for that is all that you need, I will ask you this: How's that working out for you? You be surprised that so many clinical researches on so many health conditions that so many people deal with today can be traced back to an involvement of a nutritional deficiency. People are so willing to spend a couple hours each day watching a movie at the theater, play games on their phones, watch a ballgame, looking at stuff on Facebook or just watching TV. The sad thing is if you ask them to watch a 2 hr  video that can help them understand how they and others around them could be, they wouldn't’t do it. The sadder thing is that so many of these people are dying or just plagued for life because of a lack of free knowledge that they failed to see for themselves.

Please note that the video you're about to watch below talks about health. This video will share with you the industry perspectives of Agriculture, Veterinarian, Science of Pathology, Naturopathic medicine and how it relates health conditions that you or someone you know that may be dealing with today. What you will discover is the truth behind the 90 Essential Nutrients and why they are essential from the embryo stage though the end of age.


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