That's because 100% of the proceeds come from these humble beans go to our Be The Change Foundation that helps people and communities in need around the world It all began in 2014 when Youngevity International purchased a 1,000-acre coffee plantation in the lush rainforest of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. At the time, the plantation was in a state of disrepair, but was home to 180 dedicated workers and their families. Moved by the plight of the plantation community–and the possibilities of restoring their home to its former splendor the Youngevity Be The Change Foundation was born. 

The foundation's first order of business was to care for the people who lived at the plantation by organizing a clothing and shoe drive. Next-in partnership with Fair Trade-the foundation built a new hydroelectricity plant to generate green power and a three-story Condominium-style dormitory, here the families could live and thrive. It also reopened the school and added a daycare. And, in an effort to reach out to all ages, their partner, Marisol Siles, started a literacy program for the adults at the plantation, many of whom could not even sign their names when the program began. The literacy program has been so successful, it now extends to the adults of neighboring plantations.

Today, Youngevity's Be The Change Foundation reaches far beyond the lush mountains of Matagalpa, Nicaragua and contributes to a host of charities. By purchasing Be The Change Foundation coffee, you're not only choosing the world's best coffee, you're doing a world of good by helping our foundation make extraordinary changes in everyday lives. All of the profits generated from Be The Change Coffee purchases are donated to the Be The Change Foundation, which supports the life-changing organizations listed below.

  • The American Red Cross
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • My Story Matters
  • Catarina’s Club
  • The Mike Glenn Foundation
  • Gary Sinise Foundation
  • The Gesundheit! Institute (Patch Adams)
  • Our Nicaragua Coffee Plantation

Youngevity’s Be The Change Coffee is grown under the strictest standards and ensures the best 100% Pure Arabica, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, Fair Trade Certified™, and environmentally-friendly coffee is produced.  Get started now by joining Youngevity's Javalution Coffee Club. With your help, Youngevity's Be The Change Foundation are changing lives, one cup at a time.

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Bruce Jacobs (Contributor / Distributor)