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We BEElieve in science based, clinically verified, holistic nutrition to support and promote the structure and function of the body.


Free Health Assessment

& Consultation

Uncover your health status with our in-depth free evaluation. Our specialist consultation offers tailored insights and practical steps to help you reach your wellness objectives.

Become A Coach

Help others achieve their wellness goals by becoming a certified Wholistic Health Coach. Our all-encompassing training program provides you with the expertise and confidence to drive positive transformations and lead with assurance.

Launch Your Coaching Business

Jumpstart your coaching business with our comprehensive build out, including marketing tactics, website creation, lead generation, and social media Integration. We offer the resources and expert guidance needed to build a successful and prosperous coaching career.


Martha Wheeler

“Breck was very professional in our conversation regarding my health issues that I have suffered with for many years. He was able to help me understand the significance of eliminating “bad foods” from my diet that have played havoc on my digestive system. Breck also stressed the importance and worth of “key nutrients” that play a vital role in our bodies. He also shared that if we aspire to have a healthy life and walk in wholeness than these nutrients are unequivocally essential for our liveliness and wholesomeness. Breck, listened to my needs and was very compassionate and understanding towards my health concerns. Through his guidance, counseling and recommendations I know that I will gain my health back and reach my wellness goals.”

Lindsey Steele

“OUTSTANDING! I really appreciate Breck’s approach! He is so genuine and really wants to help people. He listened to my needs and wants, and didn’t try to push me in any direction. He let me know I’m in charge, which was great! I’m hopeful about reaching my health goals with his guidance and encouragement.”

Our Team

Our team of coaches is composed of highly skilled and seasoned professionals. Each coach has undergone an extensive health coaching training program and boasts a proven track record of success.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our clients. Continuously striving for excellence, we are committed to lifelong learning and are always exploring innovative ways to help our clients reach their wellness goals.


What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching starts with listening and asking questions to get to the heart of why you want to make a change and what your goals are. The Certified Wholistic Health Coach is trained to guide you through a process of evaluation and discovery which will result in receiving an individualized step by step solution.

Where do I start?

There is a Free Health Evaluation and Consultation with Certified Wholistic Health Coach Bruce Jacobs. You will go over your Health Assessment Results to pin point exactly what you need.

What areas of Wellness do you specialize in?

Physical: We specialize in various aspects of Wellness including dietary intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, cleanses, digestion, blood sugar, cognition and many others!

Mental: We specialize in affirmations, visualization, daily lifestyle discipline, and meditation.

Spiritual: We specialize in Empowered Prayer, Scriptural Witness, The Divine Order of Righteousness, and helping you to Discover the way God actually sees you.

Emotional: We specialize in lowering cortisol, mood enhancement, releasing grief, guiding you into how to forgive yourself and others for true healing.

Career Health: We specialize in helping people to launch and establish a successful health coaching business leading to time and financial freedom.

Financial: We teach the principles of leverage and multiplication to accelerate you beyond inflation to establish generational wealth.

Lifestyle: We lead by example and implement what we teach in our own lifestyle, and individuals in our support community pursue transforming their own lives and helping others do the same.

Relationship: We specialize in helping people transform their self image and move towards intimacy rather than offense in conflict through casting off fear and becoming perfected in love.

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