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Youngevity has added key lucrative services to their representatives income stream within their home-base business opportunity portfolio. Lucrative industries such as Digital Photography Scrap Booking and Electric Utilities are pretty good. The opportunity to make money on money through DAC Loan Brokering and TeleCare are my two favorite lucrative services. With all that and more services coming, Online Shopping is something that we all do and now you can Shop, Save and Earn REAL Cashback on your purchases and others that you know via Youngevity CartRipple Online Shopping Portal and their Mobile App at http://cartripple.90hive.com/ 

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Marketing online, “Getting the Word Out”, Branding or any other phrase people use to build an awareness of an idea, product or service will be done by the Markethive Inbound/Outbound Social network.


We all know that marketing online is definitely a numbers game. This is why so many online marketers are scrambling to create and promote their blogs, websites and capture pages on multiple platforms hoping they can reach more people. The greater the “Reach” can bring success to what you’re promoting. A big question is, how many people would you like to reach? The biggest question is and will always be is How do I do that?

MarketHive is the simple answer for many reasons. MarketHive makes it simple, easy and more affordable than any other option out there. Before WordPress, Aweber, Constant Contact, Facebook and other marketing solutions is the CEO of MarketHive. He ushered in the industry of automated marketing back in the early 90’s who is known as the “Godfather of Automated Marketing”. Now he’s at it again with his new Inbound Marketing Social Network for all entrepreneurs, built by entrepreneurs called MarketHive.

I’m building a team of people using the MarketHive Inbound Marketing Social Network to promote Dr. Wallach publicly traded wellness company mission and 90 For Life philosophy to the masses. Here below are many of (But Not All) online marketing tools and services that MarketHive provides for free with video training’s and myself to help you along the way.

  1. Capture Widget
  2. Pre-Built Lead Capture Pages
  3. Short URL compression
  4. Website Widget
  5. Autoresponder
  6. Back-link Tracking
  7. Blogging Platform
  8. WordPress Plugin
  9. Website Rotator
  10. Webinar Conference room
  11. Google Calendar Integration

If someone tells you of another company that provides these services (there’s more) that’s integrated into a social network setting with support, training and expertise for free, they lied. Take Markethive for a free spin and see all of the Markethive  services, tools and benefits it has to offer by visiting https://markethive.com/90hivejacobs

90 For Life powered by Markethive.

Bruce Jacobs